Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CounterStrikePointBlank.Wordpress.com Map Texture List

List of CS 1.6 Textures:
CSPB_Assault for Counter Strike 1.6

List of CSCZ Textures:
CSPB_Aztec for Counter Strike Condition Zero
CSPB_Havana for Counter Strike Condition Zero
CSPB_Inferno for Counter Strike Condition Zero
CSPB_Italy for Counter Strike Condition Zero

List of CS:Source Textures:
Point Blank Vending Machine

Point Blank Texture for mapping:
Everyone MAY add new textures into this file, but MAY NOT modify existing textures.
Please add your nickname as a prefix before each image name.
e.g. CSPB nickname will result CSPB_BoxBlueSd, etc.
You MAY NOT copy any image from other wad file into the pointblank.wad. If you want
to put new texture(s) there, you MUST make the image by yourself.

PointBlank.Wad CREDITS:
---Your Name---- <---Put your name here if you have contributed some textures.

===Developed by CounterStrikePointBlank Community===

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